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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> maryland's see a landmark foreclosure agreement. >> and snow is steadly falling over our coverage area. "11 news saturday morning" starts right now. >> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. lisa has the weekend off. >> and i'm kerry cavanaugh. today we begin with an 11
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insta-weather plus forecast alert. today it is snowing outside. it is pretty. >> we will try again to remind ourselves ss winter. this is a storm that has a little more kick. this storm will develop ultimately into a nor'easter. it is going to get past us before that happens. we're going to have a snow that is maybe a bit more than we had on wednesday. we had roughly a half inch of snow and mostly on grassy areas. i drove through a little slush. some of the streets had a little something on them. the pavement is still warm. temperatures in many cases are above the freezing point. you see the extent of snow runs from the i-95 northward to just west of frederick. then we hit a gap for a while. west of the mountains, there is another area of snow that will come in today. there are two parts to the storm. there is the low pressure center that will ultimately become the
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nor'easter, and then there is a cold front coming in from the west. it is going to be a two-part thing coming in today. we are still going through part one. part two will be later today. we'll detail what is coming up in weather. >> at our web site go to and click on "weather." >> now to annapolis and the marathon debate over same-sex marriage. testimony yesterday from governor o'malley. his unlikely allies and opponents of gay marriage. the latest from the statehouse. >> those on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue relied on carefully chosen words, not actions, to make their case. many people were turned away to
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an overflow room that quickly became crowded. governor o'malley brought with him what he thought was a game changer. he was flanked with people who had opposing views. the preachers commanded attention. they approached the issue profoundly. >> if gays and lesbians engage in behavior that some believe immoral, why not also deny certain rights to those hetero sexuals under the pretense that such would strengthen marriage and the family? >> reverend dante senior said he will refuse to marry same sex marriage. >> not withstanding by personal believes and faith traditions, i
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can support the civil protection act, because civil marriage is not synonymous with religious marriage and is therefore not being imposed on the faith community. >> this led to several lively exchanges. >> what would be the parm of us putting this before the voters of this state. >> people have spoken in a real sense by sending each of you here to make decisions for them. >> it seems in conflict that we will ask them about gambling but not something pro-marriage? >> i don't believe we should abdicaf -- abdicate our responsibilities. >> there are about a dozen lawmakers on the fence.
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both sides will only say it is close, but it is widely believed they are six votes short of package. >> the white house pack pack peddling this morning after a requirement for contraceptives. we have this story from washington. >> religious institutions will not have to pay for nor provide these services directly. women that work at these institutions will have access to free contraceptive services just like other women. >> barack obama blinked. after protests in his own party after the regulation he insisted on requiring church and school affiliated hospitals to include free birth control in their
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health care coverage. now their insurance companies must provide contraception and pay for it. catholic bishops called it a first step in the right direction and women's groups are pleased. >> now birth control will be covered with no co-pay. >> conservatives see a winning issue. >> this is something that definitely motivates this part of our base. a good catholic, conservative base that we have here. >> santorum gaining conservative converts after his triple win on tuesday said, it is not about contraception. >> it is about freedom of religion. it is about government control of your lives, and it's got to stop. >> mitt romney came to cpac. >> i will overturn every obama law that threatens innocent life
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in this country. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and the u.s. congress is holding its endorsement of the change. the group is calling the move a good first step toward addressing religious concerns. >> rod daniels sat down in -- with the cardinal. he said the biggest issue was the government forcing catholic institutions to do things they considered immoral. >> the attention it has gotten now from grassroots. we had eight calls from 8:00 this morning from protestant churches thanking us for the stand we are taking. what is happening to us will happen to them, too. once a government can tell a religious group what they can do regardless of your beliefs, there is no more freedom of religion. >> the -- rod daniels will be in
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rome of the coverage beginning next week. >> maryland home owners are wasting no time learning about a $960 million foreclosure settlement between five of the country's biggest mortgage providers. barry simms has more. >> the phones, the computers, the people. none of this existed here a week ago, but now the space in the maryland attorney attorney's office is the hotline to help maryland home owners. >> we hope there will be fewer people foreclosed upon, and the economy can start to turn around. >> doug gansler is part of a multieye state settlement with j.p.morgan and citibank and bank of america.
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>> most money will go to help people with principle reduction to help keep people in their homes. >> since the announcement, the phone bank has been buzzing. >> this new settlement went into play. the caller was asking how it reached this agreement. it was reached following robo signing when bank employees signed off on millions of documents without investigating. now they are noticing a rise in foreclosures. >> things have gotten worse. one of the things that happened is the banks have been holding off on some foreclosures, so there has been an uptick recently in the number of notices and intent to foreclose. >> the people calling in now are in foreclosure or under water. their homes are worth less than
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their mortgages. some are worried because while their mortgage payments are current, they fear falling behind. usually she handles health related disputes. >> greatly stressed. everyone who called had a story about what happened and what they were experiencing. they were excited that there was someone they could call and get some type of assistance. >> barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you need help to stop a foreclosure call 410-576-6300. >> there are now new rules in place regarding recording police officers. this is a video that went viral showing the police detaining one man while the other was attacking him. the ruling comes days before a
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federal court hearing when a man says an officer confiscated his cell phone and deleted pictures taken at the preakness stakes in 2010. >> the murder trial of former u.v.a. lacrosse player george huguely took an intense emotional turn on friday. jurors listened to the police investigation the night yeardley love was killed. here's sheldon dutes with more. >> george huguely and at least two jurors started crying when a videotape of his confession was played in court today. in the tape he says, we were just going to talk. plest police asked if he hit her neck at all phugguely said "i never liked strangled her." she's dead?
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he asked three times. the detective said, you are here because she's dead. >> please tell me she's not dead. there's no way. there's no way. the lieutenant said she went to the apartment hours after yeardley love was found and quickly considered george huguely a suspect because of bruises and cuts on his arm. he said he got those cuts playing lacrosse. he's accused of murder of yeardley love. she was found dead after her head was repeatedly slammed against a wall. the defense claims she was dead in part because of taking aderol. but the prosecution says she did not have preexisting heart conditions. they say george huguely and yeardley love had a volatile relationship. he claims he did not punch or strangle her. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> a police interrogation tape is detailed line-by-line on click on our special "extended coverage" section. >> the time is 5:12. 3 degrees on -- 33 degrees on tv hill. it is snowing. the effect of a rarely used cancer drug on lab mice. >> and which celebrity couple are the parents of this beautiful little girl? >> first, you are looking at a live picture outside. your forecast when we come back.
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>> well, we are at it again. another storm coming in. not a big producer so far for snow for us. this will turn into a major storm after it gets clear of the mid-atlantic region.
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here you see snow across the area in the northeast corner of the state running across the i-95 corridor. then down toward the district of columbia. the snow out of this is just south of i-95. also a little band up in -- a more moderate band up in carroll county as well. we only had a trace of snow. up on the ground our snow measuring board is melting when it hits it. some of these surfaces are too warm to have this stuff stick. 37 at the inner harbor. 96% the humidity. the barometer has been falling off a bit. there is a storm approaching. winds are calm right now. other snow measurements have generally been up to about a half inch or so. especially up to our north. at b.w.i. marshall, 46 was the high. so that was a warm start. the storm came into those relatively mild temperatures.
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lows yesterday morning were in the 20's and 30's. by midnight last night, we only had .100 of liquid. the record snow for yesterday, if you remember this storm, 15.5 inches back in 2010. that was the tail end of a couple weekends of terrible, terrible snow where we wound up like 40 inches of snow on the ground after a week and a half. yesterday was the anniversary of the last hit of that series of snows. temperatures now, annapolis 36 degrees. salisbury 42. 41 ocean city. you can see the temperatures warm as it moves to the south. it becomes a rainization down on the -- it becomes a rain situation down on the eastern shore. it is a wet snow. the ground in many cases a little slush on the roads -- the
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ground in many cases melting this, so slush on the roads. problems in iced up roads and collection of precipitation. here you see the moisture we have now at the rain-snow line roughly at annapolis or baltimore. it is limited. it only goes out as far as from rick. then we take a break. this will be another part of the storm. that will go off into the atlantic and become a big nor'easter. this cold front will introduce some very cold air coming in later this afternoon. as we get windy the temperatures will take a nose dive and we'll notice it during the day. here's our forecast. a mix of snow and rain. generally 1 to 2 inches. a few areas could get more than that where it is a bit cooler. northwest winds at 15 to 25. some gusts may be stronger than
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that. not quite as strong this morning, though. 46 to 41 the high temperature range tofment generally our temperatures will be above the freezing point. winter weather advisories, cecil county all the way out to alleghany county. out in garrett county it is a winter storm warning in effect. north of the city is until 11:00 this evening. insta-weather futurecast shows this first impulse affecting us this morning. moves out of the picture for a while. midday we take a break. that second impulse comes in. that, again, a snow-rain mix. the proportion of snow a little higher. but it is just snow showers. the front goes through. cold and windy. that will be drier going into sunday and monday. by tuesday or late monday into tuesday we see the elements of the next weather maker coming in. how much snow? generally an inch in baltimore or an inch or two. you could get more than an inch or two to the north in
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pennsylvania. they may get up to 6 inches in far western pennsylvania. leaning toward a wet snow. not a lot. only a blustery day on sunday. we could see a few flurries. monday looks dry. a snow-rain mix on tuesday. rain chances at the end of next week. >> coming up this morning, doctors believe your stem cells may be the trick to repairing heart damage. details in medical alert. >> and questions surface about the mayor's use of the city's sky box at m&t stadium. >> and back by popular demand we head to story city. who is responsible for bringing clifford
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>> in this morning's "medical alert" a rarely used cancer drug is having success of reversing symptoms of early alzheimer's
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disease in mice. the drug, bexarotane is used to treat lymphoma. but researchers found mice performed better on research and memory tests. experts will test the drug on humans in a few months. >> doctors at the university of california say they found a way for patients to use their own stem cells to repair heart attack damage. here is a picture of stem cells beating in a culture. doctors say this offers a better thans chance of lower rejection. they have taken stem drels cells from five human patients. so far tests on mice are promising. >> we see more blood vessels forming and much less damage to the heart. >> if all goes well, clinical studies where stem cells will be re-injeblingted back into a patient -- re-injected into a
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patient's heart will begin next year if all goes well. >> currently the number of procedures yum -- currently procedures jumped by 5%. procedures like chemical peels rose 6%. breast augmentation and nose reconstruction were the most popular. a procedure most popular with men, getting that strong chin. chin augmentation doubled in 2011. >> proud parents beyonce and jayzee are releasing pictures of their beautiful baby, and she is gorgeous. >> first, here's a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> one of the most popular exhibits is back. visitors board the ferry and turn to the world's biggest pet, clifford the big red dog. there have been dozens of calls asking for the exhibit to return. >> we are mobbed.
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we have had so many people coming to see the exhibit at different times. they have great memories. the little ones, we can't get them out of here. >> i'm ready to go, too. >> the exhibit leaves the port on may 6. tickets cost $13.95 per person. >> superstars beyonce and jayzee welcomed their daughter into the world a month ago, and now we're seeing the pictures. this is blue ivy carter. look at that photo. they are welcoming fans to "share our joy." they thank the public for respecting their privacy. the couple was married back in 2008. >> lots of hair. she'll have extensions before you know it. >> coming up, the grandchildren of accused child abusers jerry
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sandusky are the focus of a new trial. that story coming up. >> another winter storm moving through two parts of this one. first part this morning, second part comes in this afternoon. a rain-snow mix. details ahead.
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>> long green, carroll county, 2 inches. simpsonville .6. and damascus. not enough to play in. >> we're counting on what, .002 of an inch? something like that? >> to boot the pavement is relatively warm. some of the areas off to our northwest temperatures close to
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freezing. there might be slippery spots. two parts to the storm. a snow-rain mix. a lot more rain mixed in with it. the first part ends around frederick. there is another part. a cold front. that may have a little more snow in it. we'll detail it all coming up. >> thank you, john. >> an accident in which the driver lost control and crashed into a home. sky team 11 was over the scene around 5:00 on king malcolm avenue and odom. crews found the vehicle nearby. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. >> baltimore city fire crews trying to figure out what cause aid nouse -- house fire in
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charles village. the fire started on the third floor. it took fire crews 35 minutes to bring it under control, but no one was hurt. >> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake announced the city will enter into a new five-year agreement with motor sports promotor. they are bringing racing events to downtown baltimore on labor day weekend. this year the city canceled its racing contract with the grand prix after money was not paid to investors, the city, and the state. >> our follow-up this morning to the ii-team story about the sky box at m&t stadium. there is no governing policy about its use. there is an i-team investigation into how the box is used. >> stephanie rawlings-blake acknowledged there are few rules
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governing the tickets. the -- most sky box tickets went to staff. even her professional fund raiser was included. >> i'm sure you would like to think there is some deep philosophy that goes behind it, but no, there is no guiding principle. >> a spokesman for mayor michael nutter said they put them in effect because too many tickets were going to political insiders and friends. it spells out how many go to whom. for football six to the mayor, two to city council. the rest to nonprofit organizations for special recognition. no tick tickets can go to city creditors and no -- contractors and no ticket can be used for fund-raising. it also requires public disclosure of everyone who uses
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the sky box on a quarterly basis. >> i think baltimore could benefit from a policy similar to that. the group is pushing rollings-blake to ensure it is used for the city's purposes, not the mayor's. >> it exists because of taxpayer moins money. they really could be used. used in a way that helps the city as a whole. >> we asked the mayor if a sky box was under investigation. he refused to answer. you can read his statement at i'm jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an honor for maryland congressman elijah cummings who was honored for civil rights. that award was presented by county executive ken almond.
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it comes from the house committee on oversight and reform. >> coming up, we'll show you a special show local kinder garteners put on to -- some local kindergarteners put on. >> and our "education alert." >> we're going to get some snow today. it doesn't look like a lot, but we'll talk about it coming up in the ins
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>> rain and snow is split, really. the i-95 corridor, you begin to
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get rain mixed in. we get a mix around annapolis up to near baltimore, and then it becomes a light snow. we have only had minor accumulation. out ahead of the cold front. that will be coming through later. things kind of slow down and stop for a while. so far not too much on the street. the pavement is wet. there might be a little slush. readings above freezing. 29.82 the barometer. that dropped off considerably now that the storm is in the neighborhood. the winds are calm. february is the month where we get a lot of this stormy weather. we have some really big ones. the big nor'easters occur this time of year. it will eventually be past us, but we'll miss all the fun so to speak. in 1983, 2003, we had big snows.
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in 2010 we had a 16-inch snow and a 15-inch snow. both of those in february. just yesterday on this date in 2010 a 15-inch storm. this is the month where the big storms tend to occur and we set a lot of big records. 34 in edgewood. temperatures in the 20's. the snow will do a better job of accumulating out there and sticking. the rain-snow line is between baltimore and annapolis right now. it ends out near frederick. then we get a break for a while. part two is out here. it is ahead of this cold front in ohio. really cold air behind that front. as that front comes in this
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afternoon, we will switch around and get another hit of snow. again, it doesn't look like it will be a major accumulation as it does come in. then we get the cold air. it will be a blustery day during the day overnight. a snow-rain mix today. from baltimore northward we get the mix of the snow itself. generally 1 to 2-inch accumulations by the time it is over. if you go farther northwest, some places might push through. west to nelft 15 to 25 into the afternoon-evening hours. 46 to 41 the high today. so in general, our temperatures are going to be above the freezing point. that has the rain chance mixed in there. winter weather advisory. the northern tier in maryland until 10:00 this evening north of baltimore city. our county is not involved. southern baltimore is not involved. it is a winter storm warnings out in garrett county or western al gapey county.
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insta-weather futurecast shozz -- shows the break for a while. a little more snow involved there as the cold front comes in and temperatures fall. then sunday looks dry. we get lake-effect snows. how much snow? here's the distribution. an inch or two around baltimore. in some cases less than that with maybe slightly heavier amounts near the pennsylvania line. 36 on sunday. a wintery weekend in that regard. monday looks dry. a rain-snow mix on tuesday. rain chances thursday and friday. >> thanks, john. in this morning's "education alert" big changes in what carroll county children are losing. >> they are doing an across-the-board change in what middle schools are teaching. >> who can answer this question -- water freezes at?
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great! great hands. very good. >> this school understands the basics. >> i am spot checking to make sure you have it completed. >> by the fall, they start to notice across-the-board changes. >> the middle school level, while we have had ack sell rated classes in the past, those classes will become honors level classes. ? math, english, science. and so far students are receptive to the changes. >> i am requesting classes in math and science. >> you wouldn't mind if they accelerate to honors. >> i don't think it will be a problem. >> administrators said the goal is to make sure students are learning using real world skills. it is called common course standards.
5:45 am
so far carroll county parents appear to be on board. >> i believe it is a good rigor. changing it to honors is a good track, because it would be a good track toward high school. >> a lot of kids need a boost. they need positive reinforcement. i think this is a good start. >> already middle school principals are doing their part to get the word out to students and staff. >> we have begun communications. we have been talking in general terms as the board makesing decisions and approves the curriculum. >> a carroll county school board could approve the changes sometime next month. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is always a big celebration, especially for elementary school kids, marking the first 100 days of school. sky team paid a visit to woodborn elementary school. they lined up to shape the number 100. since the students don't have an art teacher, several parents
5:46 am
joined them to work on arts and crafts, which is obviously paying off. gligses to you. >> if you have to get 100 cheerios -- >> i think it is impressive to be able to count to 100. >> yes. >> coming up, a north carolina father expresses his anger to his daughter in a unique way. >> and jerry sandusky and his neighbors are at odds. how their words can affect his request to see his grandchildren. >> first up, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky was asking to see his grandchildren. he's currently under house arrest accused of molesting several young boys. chris clackum has the latest. >> jerry sandusky arrived at the court house wanting to tackle his house conditions. here's what dottie did to the investigators outside the sandusky home. >> police have gotten several complaints. >> complapets were from jerry sandusky's neighbors who say he is frequent wently -- frequently
5:50 am
seen on his porch peering at children nearby. that's why they are asking for conditions to be tightened to force him to stay inside. jerry sandusky says the neighbors are wrong. >> now all of a sudden these people turn on me when they have been in my home with their kids. >> sandusky asked his house arrest be relaxed so he can have permission to visit grandchildren as his wife does. >> she came home after visiting with grandchildren or was sitting there when grandchildren called on my birthday and they asked to talk to me and she has to tell them that they can't. >> sandusky can't have contact with anyone under 18 after being charged with 52 sounts of sexually abusing 10 boys. the judge said he will rule on the conditions of house arrest as well as whether an outside jury will be brought to state college for sandusky's trial.
5:51 am
it is now set to start in may. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a north carolina's rebuttal to his daughter's facebook rant goes viral. she found a note he posted on her facebook page complaining about the chores she has to do. she says how tired she is of cleaning, taking out the trash, and doing laundry. to get back at her, the teen's father made a video where he reads the girl's post and expresses his disappointment in her. then he takes out his .45 and fires seven shots into her laptop. after that comment you made about your mom, your mom said to be sure i put one in their for here. that one is for her. the man said she can buy another laptop after she pays him back for this one. after this, it had two million
5:52 am
views. >> i don't know what to say, so i'm not going to say anything. >> i'd be afraid to go home if i was that girl. stay with us. much more ahead on "11 news much more ahead on "11 news saturday morning." since time began. not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies... ♪
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in addition to the two hundred plus facilities that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network. you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online when you need some assistance. i'm ron gdovic, i'm committed to providing my students with a twenty-first-century education and i am a phoenix.
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>> one of the biggest games in loyola history. one of the most fun games, too, as they knocked off iona. this is what college basketball is all about. loyola out of the gates against iona. this time, finishing off with a two-hand slam. absolutely everything going loyola's way.
5:56 am
back door. picked the pocket. sweet reverse off the glass. loyola could do no wrong. both ends of the court operating at high gear. another break. williams watch kwleses this move. not going to touch that. off the glass with the right hand. nice second-half comeback by iona. they hold them off. bobby olson for three. takes over sole possession with the 87-81 win that pushes the record to 19-25. >> the crowd was great. i would like to thank the whole loyola and baltimore community. a lot of our fans are just people that like basketball and we are lucky they have chosen to come to loyola. >> unfortunately yesterday the terps learned they lost howard for the rest of the season. he lost a knee injury in practice two days ago. it ends a season that strted for howard with a broken foot.
5:57 am
this latest injury comes at about the worst possible time. the ferps will ship russ stogland where he is a leading scorer in the acc to point guard for today's game against the blue devils. >> another pitcher for the orioles as they add 34-year-old relief pitcher louis ayela. he didn't pitch in the majors. he pitched in 2010. midway through the pebble beach proam. where else do you get to have snacks on the green? tiger woods settles for birdy. 6 under off the pace. johnson looking for a third win
5:58 am
at pebble beach. three shots off the pace. here is your leader. charlie cutting it to today's third round. he is at 12 under par with 2 rounds left to play at the pebble beach pro am. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> here's a look ahead to our next hour of "11 news saturday morning." >> as far as the weather is concerned, a snow-rain mix this morning, then another round of light snow this afternoon. details on the forecast ahead. >> the governor tells lawmakers, do your job. don't put the same-sex marriage bill to voters. coming up.
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